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Digital projects tailor — made starting from identity to web site

We craft unique and memorable digital experiences that enable people to feel engaged through design, motion and interaction.

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Studio 9 7/6 digital design studio Turin
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Studio 9 7/6— digital design independent studio based in Turin.

Studio 9 7 6 digital design independent studio based in Turin
Studio 9 7/6 about our digital creative studio
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We create digital experiences that leave people an impact through design and interactivity.

People want a story, they want to be involved. We strongly believe that creativity and originality are the keys to emerging in the contemporary context where classic websites aren’t enough: it’s necessary to go further to create increasingly immersive and engaging digital experiences capable of accompanying you towards your final project goal.

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No pre-made or pre-built product — We help brands tell their story in a creative and original way.

We start from an idea, we build a brief and then we go further to create a communication system tailored to your project in order to achieve your goal. It’s required for every brand to have a web site, as well as a communication system that effectively transmits the brand’s identity and is able to position it coherently. Related to this the starting point is precisely the identity: it’s not possible to separate the brand identity from the website, therefore to create an authentic and original digital experience it’s necessary to create an identity designed with the aim of communicating the brand in a consistent with its values and goals.

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Human interactivity — shake it!

In the contemporary era classic website is no longer enough. We need to do more to capture users’ attention. Interactivity makes digital experiences more immersive and engaging with the aim of remaining imprinted in the hearts of users. Visitors enjoy and choose also thanks to an effective communication system that makes them active protagonists and not passive users. The elements move as expected in reality, thus creating a relationship with the visitor. All this, mixed with an authentic and original identity, allows us to create storytelling capable of leaving its mark.

Studio 9 7/6 digital branding, web site, e-commerce, landing page and brand identity
Creative thinkers
Studio 9 7/6 about our creative studio, we build digital product
About Studio 9 7/6
Studio 9 7/6 about our studio, we build interactive web site and amazing e-commerce
We build digital product, combining design and creativity.

We are Andrea and Martina, together we started working on this project in 2020. We like to think and create from scratch without simplifications, allowing ourselves to be contaminated by everything that attracts our curiosity. We love interactive experiences, which is why our projects have in common the intention of creating a relationship with the user, pushing them to enjoy and be curious by exploring movement and allowing themselves to be fascinated by a completely aesthetic style. At the basis of our work there is precision and harmony. We dedicate time and attention to every detail, spending hours and hours to guarantee each project the attention to detail that we are constantly seeking. Our philosophy is to create tailor-made projects, in which each element blends to best communicate the soul and most intimate essence of the brand.

Studio 9 7 6 our team design digital product, combining design and creativity
Our team — Our team
Our team — Our team
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In the current context it’s mandatory for every brand or company to have a website and for this reason it is essential that any project has the objective of distinguishing its communication in order to emerge.

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Studio 9 7/6 approach digital design independent studio based in Turin
Studio 9 7 6 digital design independent studio, our method
Our method ↓ — Our method ↓ —
Our method ↓ — Our method ↓ —
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( ✺ From idea to a new universe )
We detect change and trends and apply our creative thinking and ideas to create new content to attract attention in a content-saturated world.
Starting from a careful analysis we build an initial brief which will be the starting point for the project. The brief will be created starting from one or more meetings to define the initial guidelines. We love being creative and along the way we propose new ideas that will provide you with a different vision of the project with the aim of creating an experience tailor-made specifically for the brand, but also authentic and original.
( ✺ Your identity is the key )
We know the risks and think it’s worth it: to emerge in the contemporary era it’s necessary to make choices outside the evergreen context. Are you with us?
The goal in this phase is to create the foundations to position your brand in a new and powerful way. In the contemporary context it is clear that identity cannot be separated from the site and to build a digital experience it is necessary to have efficiently designed visual communication. To emerge in the contemporary context, it is mandatory for brands to have a recognisable, unique and original identity.
( ✺ Aestethic & original — not evergreen )
Not only website, but architects of an authentic connection between your brand and its audience.
People aren’t looking for a product, they want a story and we give them a digital experience that authentically and memorably reflects your corporate identity, designed to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of users. We build the website through storytelling that combines content, aesthetics and functionality to accompany you from the first moment towards your goal with a user experience designed based on your brand and its target audience.
( ✺ Interactivity — motion )
Users are accompanied and guided during the scroll e the elements move as you expected in the reality.
The elements move as you would expect in the real world. Interactivity makes experiences incredibly immersive, engaging and makes the user an active subject of the scroll, creating a relationship between the person scrolling and storytelling, a fundamental element for leaving a significant imprint in the user’s heart. In the contemporary era, static sites are no longer sufficient, users want to have fun and to attract their attention we must go further.
( ✺ Differentiation — custom front-end )
The heart of project: from prototype to live site.
The experience becomes real. Once we have created a prototype of the digital experience, we develop and go it live. We like to work on the aesthetics and functionality of the site and we also act behind the scenes: we work on the performance of the site and its indexing on search engines, taking care of the platform in every aspect.
Latest projects Studio 9 7/6
  • Flowerart shop Studio 9 7/6
    ( Flowerart shop → )
    Year: February 2023
    Ui/Ux Design
    Front-end development
    One way
    The site tells through immersive storytelling designed to enchant, transporting the user to a romantic and refined place, full of creativity.
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  • AISA Nazionale Studio 9 7/6
    ( AISA Nazionale → )
    Year: August 2023
    Ui/Ux Design
    Front-end development
    One way
    Together against ataxia: official platform of AISA ODV, an association committed alongside patients suffering from an often debilitating condition.
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  • Studio 9 7/6 project packaging gin bottle branding wine
    ( Giu Gin → )
    Year: June 2023
    Packaging — print
    One way
    Packaging and identity designed to stand out, a red tint as protagonist to recall the color of the main ingredient that makes up the product.
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